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Monday, 27 August 2012


So this is the head that goes along with the arms from the last post.
The doll will be a bit of an experiment, as she will have soft cloth body parts and some flumo parts.

So here is the wip of the head, still earless! I cant decide if i should make her normal ears or fairy ears...

Can't wait to primer her with the grey primer so that I can see the details better ^^


nadya said...

Hi Nika. Thank you once again for your beautiful doll. Can't help admiring it all the time. The first days I was carrying it around in a bag but now I made myself let it live on the cupboard, otherwise it gets dirty.
I found FLUMO in Gent, just in a shop. It was already in a fluid form. But it's kind of thick. I tried to add some boiled water but it produces very stubborn bubbles - I guess this is why they recommend distilled water.
You know what I especially admire about your doll is the purity and the simplicity. May I ask you how you attach the neck to the head?

Nika said...

I just got back home =) Thank you for ur doll! She already has a place in my cabinet ^^
Im glad you found flumo its really great to work with, although I never mixed mine with water. I find the consistancy just right =)
I will email you an image of how the heads attached, I hope it helps ^^

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